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Tinctures For Every Body

Possibly the most recognizable form of CBD and the most confusing. Knowing how much is right for you can be daunting at best. The key here is, start small, find your sweet spot and don’t worry it won’t get you high.

Ingesting CBD is the most direct way to get your CBD. More and more studies have shown that this amazing compound can help to benefit the immune system including management of pain, anxiety, PTSD, sleep disorders, inflammation, and weight management to name a few.

A bit about CBD tinctures:

CBD is fat soluble, meaning that in the traditional tincture of CBD; full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolates, CBD is carried in a fatty oil such as coconut (MCT), avocado, salmon or other heathy fatty oils. This is because CBD is not water soluble. This also means that your body actually only receives a small percentage of the CBD as it works its way into the digestive system. For example if you take a 20mg dropper of your CBD tincture you will only absorb about 6mg.

More recently on the CBD market is NANO CBD. This CBD compound has been smashed down so small that it is now water soluble. Meaning that you don’t have to have the oily residue floating in your mouth, nose or wherever. It also means that your body will absorb almost the entire amount of CBD that you administer. So no waste with NANO!

At Beyond Cool CBD we believe in the health benefits of both forms of CBD; Full Spectrum and NANO. It’s up to you.

Our CBD tinctures for people are offered as Full Spectrum in MCT oil at 500mg with natural flavor and 1000mg mint flavor. The NANO CBD is in 500mg, 1000mg & 1500mg, all in mint flavor.

We also have peanut butter or bacon flavor for your fur family who can enjoy all the same benefits as you.

Just a drop under the tongue and let it melt in your mouth. Remember to start small, you can always take a little more next time.

Call us to schedule a time to visit The Hub at Cool Gym and see our full stock of Beyond Cool CBD products available, ask us questions, share what you know about CBD. We are always learning!

Our Phone: 925-360-5251 or 925-639-8946

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