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The Hub @ Cool Gym

The Hub is now open at Cool Gym in Cool, CA!

Ever since we took over stewardship of the local gym last December, we have been working hard to make this the place to be. Cool Gym has surpassed our expectations, quickly growing a reputation where people from the Divide community want to be to meet friends and find fitness support.

Introducing Beyond Cool CBD products to Cool Gym has been a natural fit for members to assist with their lifestyle, fitness & recovery needs. Through this development we have been meeting many wonderful members of our community as we all come together to sweat and help our bodies & minds reach optimum health.

Our journey in procuring superior CBD products has led us to meet many inspiring people, from the folks in the labs to farmers who are developing and tending the plants. All who are continuously striving to bring you only the finest, organic sun-grown Oregon CBD products.

Give us a call and we will gladly meet you at The Hub in Cool Gym to assist you in choosing the best CBD products for you. 925-360-5251 or 925-639-8946. Gym membership is not necessary for visiting The Hub.

Mike & Kalin~

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